1. What is BikeNYoga

    BNY is a new and unique approach to exercising and general well-being. It combines a cardio bike ride with a 30 minute yoga class performed by a licensed yoga instructor in various locations throughout Central Park.

  2. How long and how strenuous is the spinning class?

    The spinning class is approximately 30-40 minutes. The general bike class in Central Park is not designed to be extremely strenuous. Although, we are planning to start doing fast pace classes for developing cardio endurance in the near future. The general bike class is intended to get your heart rate to a comfortable level and present a decent cardio challenge. Most of all, we want you to have fun and get to your yoga class refreshed and energized.

  3. How long is the yoga class and what type of yoga class it is?

    The average duration of the yoga class is 30-45 minutes. We have half a dozen of tranquil spots in Central Park where the yoga classes will be taking place. Since you will have the bike class prior to the yoga, you will be able to reach and enjoy some secluded places at the north end of the Park for maximum satisfaction during your yoga practice.

  4. Do I need to bring my own yoga mat or you will provide one?

    You can bring your own yoga mat or you can rent one from us for additional cost of 5$. We also provide mat sripes to help you carrie the yoga mat.

  5. How dangerous is to bike in Central Park?

    The reason why we have only 4 classes per day (2 early in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon) is to make sure that the park is relatively empty from bikers, tourists and joggers and thus minimize the risk of accident. Of course you will also be provided with a helmet for your safety.

  6. Where exactly is the yoga class going to take place in Central Park?

    We have carefully selected various locations throughout the Park that provide perfect conditions for a pleasurable yoga experience. In addition to the popular flat grounds suitable for a yoga class in the south part of Central Park, we have also picked a few secluded, hidden gems that will ensure you get that focus and a great start of your day.

  7. Do you work in the winter and the cold months?

    Since BNY is entirely outdoors, we do not provide any classes during the winter. That’s also the reason why we do not provide monthly subscriptions. However, we are working on opening up a yoga studio near the park where you can keep practicing during the winter.

  8. What happens if the weather is bad but I already booked my class?
    Please make sure you send us an e-mail to and we will refund you for that credit.
  9. Do you provide monthly membership?

    No, at this time we do not provide monthly subscription for our services.

  10. How should I dress and what should I bring for the BNY class?

    Please dress comfortably and light. Since you will be taking a bike class and a yoga practice afterwards make sure your clothing is comfortable for both activities. We currently, do not provide lockers at our location so please make sure you don’t bring any backpacks, pierces etc. The bicycles are equipped with small leather bags where you can store your phone, wallet and keys while taking the bicycle class.

  11. Why BikeNYoga and why outdoors?

    Check out our philosophy - about us