Oh, Central Park, Central Park

tours Apr 27, 2020

Central Park is a big place, and the architecturally stupendous New York Post building, once host to Peter Abraham's Little Brown's issue "Home and the Private World," now the HQ for the New York Times, seems by comparison an impotent blip on the skyline.

But hey, a fancy building is just the thing to grab attention for the trifecta of new condos or, as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges can attest from screen to screen, the airplane ride to work. And what better place to attract a hero than the heart of Manhattan's film industry, a world up for grabs at every turn by gritty millennials?

Central Park is filled with so many natural wonders that it is a challenge to narrow down the top three! So here they are. Feel free to come up with more and add them in the comments section below. And as always, I'll be sure to let you know when I find the time to check them out!

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