Biking in New York City - The Positive and Negative Opinions

tours Apr 27, 2020

Biking in New York City has always been a chore. We've long been told to use our car to get to work, shop, and meet our friends. But while it's admirable for people to be more respectful of each other's needs, we're lucky enough to live in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

In the past, new bike lanes on busy streets, like New York's Williamsburg Bridge, have been consistently flooded with truck traffic. With the advent of new local bus lines that avoid the bridge, the need for dedicated bike lanes has disappeared and DOT crews have created a few other popular one-way blocks, including one along Broadway that allows cyclists to merge safely with bus traffic. The Center for Urban Pedestrian.

City workers should be preparing to clean up an even more startling problem: the breakdown of biking infrastructure in the nation's biggest city. According to the city's recently released New York City Bike Plan, which asks the city's transportation commissioner to make a number of policy changes to make biking safer, if not more appealing, there are worrying signs that the city is on the verge of losing its status as America's most-bikeable city.

The plan lays out a plan to replace a whopping 70 percent of the city's current street network and bring it up to current federal standards, some of which, unsurprisingly, are lower than those in most other major cities. City planners have long taken the position that New York City's chronic.

So is New York Safe to Bike or NOT!?

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