Outdoor exercising in Central Park, during the pandemic!

yoga in central park May 05, 2020

It is always a good idea to start your morning with a good nutrtional smoothie!

I always forget to buy fresh fruit and vegetables that I can use to make smoothies the next morning. So I never quite get the chance to experiment with using strawberries for this purpose. Thus, I'm really glad that I found this recipe so easy to prepare and yummy to enjoy.

You may use all kinds of fruits, but I usually find that strawberries are my favorite (I used a double-seeded strawberry as the base in this recipe). I added a little bit of cinnamon to give it a slightly more sweet taste. To be honest, this was the first smoothie I have made without the addition of any added fruits. It tasted very, very good.

Yoga gives people a sense of place to relax while letting their minds wander.

It can also be extremely fun, as it gives all of us the chance to reflect and concentrate on our own needs, skills, interests, ideas, and methods to achieve. To raise awareness and to begin to change mindsets we also need to create more opportunities for open dialogues between people and organizations and to help create safe spaces where this does occur.

The entire community can help bring these values to life by creating positive acts to help others, spreading positive messages of compassion and kindness, and encouraging all to show up, do good work, and help others in our world.

Yoga in the Central Park! Easy poses to practice for your next yoga practice.
We are all familiar with the most common yoga poses, however consider integrating other mindfull strategies when practicing yoga

Consider the following :

By observing and responding to your positive behavior, you teach your positive urges to subside. People who believe they will be more successful in future endeavors are more likely to be more considerate of their positive urges. Then they will become more self-disciplined in their behavior and impulse control. By allowing the guilt to dominate your life, you learn to use guilt to boost self-discipline and self-reliance. A person who doesn't have the courage to defy himself can be more easily controlled. By not smoking, you learn the self-discipline to control your urge to smoke in the future.

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