What is BikeNYoga?

BikeNYoga is an outdoor activity which combines a bike ride in Central Park with an open air yoga practice in the park.

How long is a BikeNYoga class?

Our bike ride takes approximately 20 minutes and the yoga practice in Central Park is another 40 minutes. The entire class takes a little over 1 hour.

How many people are in the group?

We strive to keep our groups small and personal. The maxim number of people per group, that are with one guide, is 6 people. In case you have a private group with more people we can accommodate.

I am not that good with cycling, how hard is the bike ride?

We realize that although some people might be phenomenal yoga practitioners they are not avid cyclists. That’s why we have different level of difficulty for both our yoga classes and our bike classes. You can choose your level of difficulty when signing up for a class.

What happens if it rains?

Since the entire activity is entirely outdoor, we will need to reschedule the class in case of a bad weather condition. Don’t worry, you don’t lose your BikeNYoga credit!